Sound bite.


Quick post to inform you I am :

  1. not dead
  2. actually working on something
  3. uploading a couple of rough pages for your perusal.

(click me, and my brethren and we all get bigger. But especially me.)

More about this once it’s done.

Work on this book is kind of … well. Frustrating. It’s slow, because I’m still in a bit of a rut with my work. Sort of aiming for a level of quality, but struggling to reach that level AND keep it fresh and inventive. Sort of feels like building on sand, or trying to run but tripping over my shoelaces because I haven’t learned to tie them yet.

Was going to hand this in for macmillan but, although it’s a bit further on than the spread you see there, it’s still a mile and a half off, so I’m just going to keep plugging at it for now. I’d rather have something I’m happy with, than a competition entry that I hate.

Other than that, there’s a couple of things for me to do. something little and new for the Zine Symposium on May 3rd, another book competition with waterstones, and some animation work. I also need to find some kind of work/placement/internship/something to do with all of this over the summer so suggestions are welcome if you have any ideas, but obviously not expected or indeed mandatory.

Now. Sketchbook:

And also now. Things I have seen that are worth a watch:

If you only watch one of these, watch cup of brown joy, if you haven’t already seen it. It makes me thirsty for Earl Grey. It also had its birthday about a week ago. Happy birthday, CoBJ!

That’ll do for now.


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