A useful illustration

Meaning and misunderstanding. Language is a clunky, ambiguous tool. Imagery not necessarily much better. Combined, you might be getting somewhere, but things still manage to slip. Hell, even trying to recreate an experience for someone doesn’t work. Short of some kind of Vulcan mind-meld (and even then that would be memory-based and therefore less acute than the original experience), your chances of getting your perspective understood appear to be very slim. This isn’t a bad thing, really. I wouldn’t do what I do if it was easy to be heard.

Then again:


But then, if everyone followed that sentiment we’d probably have a few more rape cases to deal with. Body language often seems just as unreliable as everything else.

Anyway. Return to Horniman yet again today, missed the May Day protests as a result. Not really angry or energised enough about anything right now to shout about it … more resigned and beleaguered. Protest for the sake of protest only really works when you feel like making inarticulate noise. Actually, that’s not true. Making the numbers up is useful and there are plenty of good reasons to stand up and be heard when you don’t really ‘feel’ like it … but the fact remains I am just not in the mood to be part of a body count right now. I’m burying my head in books.

I need to recharge my spleen. I’ll be back in a bit, causes I care about. I promise.

But, anyway. Back to the Horniman. The natural history room really has so much going on in it. It’s great. It’s part of the original museum collection (only 10% of the museum’s artefacts are from the core collection). There’s very little meat on the website about the history of the place, and nothing that I would consider balanced in opinion, but then it is the museum’s own website and a lot of the history bit is written by a descendent, so you can’t really blame it for being very rosy in its outlook. Plus, hey. It’s a free museum. That’s not to be sniffed at.

I don’t really know how this is linking up with homophones. I know there is cross-over as it’s all dealing with the language barriers and information representation I really like looking at. Something is ticking away. Covering my bedroom wall in drawings. Hoping something will occur to me if I sleep under it tonight. Wall so far:


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