So. Another day in the print studios after a somewhat lonely weekend of print prep. Got plenty of tests done today. Abandoning litho for now. It’s taking too long and, as much as I love the process, it’s taking me up a bit of a blind alley. I am not getting the quick results I need to explain what I need to explain – a very blunt disjoint between meaning and interpretation of an image or word. Alas.

So it’s back to collagraph printing (I dabbled with it last year, though it’s not an overly familiar process). For me, this is a poor man’s woodcut (except I really like the results you can get from a cardboard plate. You can’t get too precious about your imagery. It means I have to pare down my thinking, too. It is the exact opposite of where I like to take things with animation or time-based thinky thinking … so I find it kind of frustrating to do. But that’s good. It’s different. It forces me to make decisions that I don’t like having to make. Good brain exercise. Right now I don’t need to be doing more thinking. I just need to do more doing. Think-tinkering later. If I can manage that, I am sure all will be well. Eeek.

Things that I am trying to ignore/not be distracted by right now (but are very interesting:)

Dreams and false memories. People’s interpretations of the images they are presented with and the ones their brains come up with. Associating loose threads of perception/sense/thought/imagery. This is all digging itself deep into my brain somewhere and taking root. I am not sure what’s going to grow from it – probably weeds – but I’m just going to let it nestle there in the leaf mould of my noggin for a little while.


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