Business Cards!

As a rule, I’ve never really been fond of business cards. Most of the cards I’ve received over my lifetime have been been pretty boring to look at. Even if they have a striking design or nice imagery on them they’re pretty impersonal and so usually end up getting shoved in a drawer in my desk and forgotten about.

Anyway. I’m plunging back into freelance illustration again, so I thought I needed some sort of a calling card that isn’t just something I churned out, but is more like a present I can give to people who I like and whose work I am interested in or whatever. Sooooo, I’ve decided that if you’re ever going to get a business card from me, I will draw it. Just for you. It even comes with its own frame! Here’s the blank card and a few of the images I am decorating the wall next to my desk with.

So, yep. If you ever want one, just ask. I’ll be happy to get one to you.


3 responses to “Business Cards!

  1. Hey!! Dear : I would love to have one from u!!! I like that idea! Miss u pretty much ! N good luck for all , I m looking forward to c u again ( someday , somewhere?) n remember our "zine book" Cheers love , Rochu xxx

  2. Hi Sarah. It was great meeting you at MCM EXPO on Saturday. I feel like a “Sack o’ Crap” now after reading this. You were nice enough to give me one of your amazing, one of a kind, hand drawn business cards and all i did was shove one of my churned-out, impersonal and quit frankley, inferior business cards at you. So I guess i owe you a piece back. Let me know how i can make it up to you. David.

    • Hey David. Sorry for this exceedingly late reply. Clean forgot to check my wordpress inbox for months. Now I feel like an idiot!

      You know, there isn’t much wrong with a churned-out business card. It’s definitely better than nothing, that’s for darn sure. I could never decide on which design to use, so decided to be difficult about it. Bespoke business cards are damn time-consuming as well, so if you’re after some quick impact, having something quick printed up to dish out is, as we all know, brilliant.

      I think I’ll take you up on that return offer though (I love your work. It’s really distinctive!). If you have the time I tend to collect monsters. Any monster you fancy drawing would be good by me.

      Speak to you soon. Doing any cons in the near future?

      – S

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