The Last Tape in Hell

Hello. I appear to have laid a comic.

Quite a silly one, I’ll admit, but it’s the first honest-to-god solo comic I’ve done in years. If ever, really. And – get this – from next weekend you can actually hold a physical copy of it in your own hands. Quite extraordinary.

Comic itself is all about why you really shouldn’t play ill-chosen music to your minion hordes, lest you suffer the consequences. It’s dedicated to everyone out there who’d ever had a boss with crap taste in music. I feel your pain, guys.

Copies are £3 each, (plus p+p if you want to order online, which can totes happen now because I just set up a webshop).  For that you get a full colour, 14 page beauty plus full colour cover, signed and in an edition of 150.  All going well at the printers, I’ll be at MCM Expo next weekend with a whole bunch of them, plus Peckham Invalids issues 1+2, so you can always stop by and say howdy there.


3 responses to “The Last Tape in Hell

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  2. I got this yesterday at comic con! I’m staring at the art haha, my site is ( ) at the moment (too much of a student to afford an actual website), but I’m trying to put everything together! Most of my stuff is laid all over the house X_X Thanks!!

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