Dead Roots

I haven’t mentioned this yet, have I? Nope. Okay, news time!

The very talented Jason Arnopp and myself have just finished putting together a submission for Dead Roots Comic Anthology entitled ‘Consumed’. It’s a one-shot from us  in a wider storyverse. It’s about zombies. It’s also about grief, motherhood and why seances aren’t necessarily a stellar idea.

According to my editor, Mike (hi Mike), I am allowed to show you one page, so here is page one:


You can just smell the angst, right? I won’t be giving anything away, but I’ll tell you now this one is not for children. If you are not a child and you would quite like to learn more about this Dead Roots anthology thing, then you should either go and read about it at the Dead Roots website or totes go pick up a copy of the first issue in itunes. True, this particular comic isn’t in issue one, but there are a cartload of fantastic people involved in this bad boy. I think you could do far worse with £2.99 than spending it on that.


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