Bridge and Tunnel


I’ve been meaning to talk to y’all about this for a while.

Before Christmas, Mike Garley, a very nice man who edits VS comics among other things, put my in contact with a Mr James Henry, wondering if I fancied doing a ‘sort of fantasy story but with more l33t sp34k and trolling about’. Since that sounds like a sound description of my life on a regular basis I decided it was something I could probably get behind. So I said yes. And thus Bridge and Tunnel was rendered a reality. Hooray!

The first story has been great fun to work on, and I’m really looking forward to cracking on with the rest of the series once James hands me some more words to scribble things around.

I am told by Mike that the first issue will be out digitally very soon through VS comics on all major platforms (ipad, kindle, nook, etc). Keep an eye on the facebook page for more information.


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