Life Studio

I’ve been spending a fair chunk of my time in the life studio lately. It’s almost always a fairly nervy experience as you’re having to produce your work on the spot and in public. I work very privately for the most part these days, so connecting with other artists and tutors again is a fairly healthy thing for me to do at least once a week.

People often talk about how, when in a gym, you are breaking your body apart slightly, damaging it and tearing it, in order to make it bigger and stronger. It’s a slow, painful process and I think there are parallels to be drawn between what you do to your muscles during a work out, and to your artistic practice in a life class.

Going through all this week in, week out, allowing that frustration to sit with me, is telling me a lot about what drawing is for me and what I am interested in expressing in my work and that it’s okay to really just revel in process rather than feeling the need to add constant, conventional narrative. Sometimes, I can let an image speak for itself. I will be allowing them to do that more from now on. At least when it’s appropriate.





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