New Shop Things

I am so disorganised with this sort of thing, so I never usually get around to mentioning my web shop on here. As it happens I do have one, and at the moment it has lots of lovely things in it that I think might be worth mentioning.


1. Box of Things – A lovely new collection of comics!




Well, actually it’s half new, half a gathering together of comics from the last 3 years that have been featured in anthologies and whatnot that I’ve never got around to printing myself.  It’s an eclectic mix of stories and illustrative pieces, hence the name “Box of Things”. You can see it in the shop here.


2. Monster Badges


So in love with these. 5 different monster faces each printed on a cute 25mm badge. They are, actually, more than just random monsters. They are soon to be a part of a big project I am working on called the Monster United Nations which, if I’m honest, I think you should keep half an eye on because there are going to be A LOT of monsters up there very shortly. If monster portraits are your thing, that’s the website for you.

Anyway. I made up 100 badges for MCM expo and there are still a few left.  You can buy the whole set here, or you can email me (see contact page) for individual badges.


3. Little Red Riding Hood Prints



A5 mounted and signed prints of my favourite fairy tale heroine. Always had a bit of a fixation with this particular children’s story and how it has morphed from the earthy, humorous romp it started off as into this cautionary tale of woe and/or sexual awakening. So here’s a picture of Red, looking ambiguous and ambivalent.


4. A2 Signed Frog Princess Prints

Large format (a2) matt prints of my Frog Princess. Normally these are sold through Right Angle Gallery, but I’ve got a small run of them in my studio for a special online price. Available in the shop here.





5. The Last Tape in Hell


An old favourite. My first solo comic. It’s about Satan in a tie and his love of Barry Manilow, set in a fully-painted Hellscape, complete with Cerberus and many angry-looking demons. Gothmas may have just gone, but I’m sure this will go down well with anyone who’s fond of a bit of devilry. In the shop here.



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