Monsters and Such.

So I launched a new project today. The Monster United Nations.


The current aim of the project is to provide the internet with all 192 portraits of the delegates which make up the Monster United Nations (or Monster U.N if you prefer). The Monster U.N runs almost parallel with the human United Nations, but deals with topics and issues more pertinent to monster society than our own.

So far there are 6 portraits on the website, but I will be adding two/three each week depending on how much time I have. There will also be a book for ease of reference, but that’s not happening just yet as I am lacking both a) funds, and b) a publisher.

If you’d like to show your support for the Monster United Nations and get some cool stuff whilst you’re at it, then there are monster badge sets currently available in my web shop featuring some of the delegates due to appear on the website over the coming weeks. If you a fancy a look then details are here and purchases will be keeping me in much-needed cups of tea (Yorkshire, if you were wondering)  and biscuits (rich tea) whilst I finish off the rest of the project which, if I keep to that release schedule, will be taking me a little under 2 years to complete. Sweet Jesus.




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