Monsters and such continued.

Hello, internet. Wag-wan?

I meant to write sooner, but I’ve been drawing a vast number of monsters in between rediscovering my love of relief printing (I’ll tell you about that in the next post) and getting a few commercial jobs in (always good. Money. Good. Bills paid {sort of}. Good). All is good.

In case you haven’t headed over to the Monster United Nations just yet (and I suggest you do. It’s updated at least twice a week, sometimes more, so there’s often something new to look at), there’s a quick review of it up on Forbidden Planet right now and it was also Freshly Pressed a few weeks ago (scroll down and you’ll eventually see an orange and teal monster grinning at you) so you can sort of see what I’m doing with the project and that, for some odd reason, it seems to be making more people smile than just me.

The idea is still to make a book of the final project once it’s finished. In the mean time you can support the project by going to my shop and either ordering a beautiful signed print of your favourite monster so far, or I am due a new shipment of monster badges in the very near future, so am currently taking orders for those. Any sales are obviously *hugely* appreciated and all current monster owners (or soon-to-be owners) are total sweeties.

Here are a few of my favourite monsters from the project so far:



So yes, That’s the Monster United Nations. Or some of it so far anyway. Working on the next set of portraits between typing these sentences, so should have a few more countries up within the next few days. I’ve also promised Forbidden Planet a bit of an explanation about the ‘why’ behind the thing, so I’ll let you know here when I’ve managed to explain myself and my motivations a little more.


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