Bridge and Tunnel



Hah, me completing two posts in a week? Utter madness. Anyway, this is what I seem to be doing, so let’s get on with it.

So, a long time ago, in February of last year actually, I mentioned that I was working on a comic with the very lovely James Henry who writes all manner of amusing things, mainly for the telly, but sometimes not. We created a short episode, which was meant to be going out through VS Comics. However, due to having to make enough money to eat and therefore having to focus on more lucrative projects, neither of us were able to continue working on the story. Which was bad, because in Bridge and Tunnel we had managed to create something which both of us were rather pleased with and have rather a soft spot for. Fast forward to this year (today if you like) and it looks a lot like we’ve managed to find a way of making our comic happen after all (more on that in February). In the mean time, James has posted the 6-page taster comic up on his blog for your viewing pleasure in three easy to digest parts. Rather than repeat that manoeuvre over here, I thought I’d pop up some of the early development sketches, character prep and concept images. I suppose it’s the artistic equivalent of waving my knickers at everyone, but who doesn’t like an early sketch?


An extremely early Opal. Clothes based on traditional Anglo Saxon girly clothing


Another Opal. Now with more snark.

photo (1)

Different take on the Opal design, now distinctly cartoony.


Opal and Redthred, first clean up. Redthred design partially inspired by cross between IT crowd’s Moss and an old house mate at this point.


Final designs for Opal and Redthred, complete with some expressions so you can kind of see how much more ‘rubbery’ Opal is compared to Redthred.


Initial designs for Dwarfhold guards. And a bronze axe because I really like bronze-age axes.


A particularly elaborate beard on another guard. Kind of traditional viking/saxon styling meets a bit of pirate and some samurai in the helmet.


Rune Priests. FYI seem to remember that the runes down their front don’t make much sense. I may change that if they turn up and do things more often in the story.


Rough preview of the dwarven subway. Loved drawing this scene in the comic. The subway is based on New York’s abandoned City Hall station, which is beautiful and I encourage you to google it right now.


So, yeah. That’s Bridge and Tunnel. If you fancy reading the first instalment, then it’s up here. More of it coming in the nearish future I guess.


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